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Cyclades Greece

Sifnos is an island rich in folk tradition, due to pottery, history, colors, picturesqueness, and unique local flavors, since the famous chef Nikos Tselementes was from the island of Sifnos. In every corner of the island, you can smell the local delicacies, which whet the appetite. The traditional villages with the predominant color of white, and the Cycladic architecture being manifest everywhere create the ideal setting for atmospheric holidays.

Apart from the lively port town, Kamares, and the historically important Castle, in Sifnos you will find the beautiful villages of Apollonia and Artemonas. The ancient monuments as well as the pottery workshops that exist throughout the island testify to the long activity of the island. You can discover every corner of the island from the paths, a unique network of routes, which lead to beaches, churches, monuments, towers, and picturesque landscapes.

The golden beaches of the island that come in contact with the blue waters of the Aegean Sea promise the visitor moments of relaxation and carefreeness.