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Cheronissos Sifnos


We are located in Cherronisos, a settlement in the northernmost part of Sifnos. This particular location was chosen by potters, from antiquity, to create their workshops. Today, only one pottery workshop is preserved. The activity was very great in the field of pottery. Cherronisos is located in the heart of a sheltered bay surrounded by hills on all sides. It is a quiet settlement suitable for calm and relaxing holidays. The beach of Cherronisos is covered by a combination of golden sand and pebbles along with trees, which offer natural shade. There is a mini market in the area, as well as restaurants and fish taverns, where you can enjoy the local specialities.

At the top of the peninsula where Cherronissos is located, is the monastery of Agios Georgios, which offers the visitor a panoramic view of the coast. Around the village visitors will find hiking trails. By following them visitors are able to discover the beauty of the whole island. One of the places worth visiting and you can get there through the path is the Church of Agios Nikolaos, located on a rock in the sea. Cherronisos enchants with its picturesqueness, the fishing boats that are reflected in its light-colored waters create idyllic images, the smell of salt from the sea is relaxing and the fine sand and the taverns by the sea satisfy every visitor.