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Maria Studios

Cheronissos Sifnos

In the western part of the Cyclades, in the middle of the Aegean Sea emerges a small, beautiful island with a long history waiting for you to discover it. Sifnos, which stands out thanks to its traditional architecture, gastronomy, and amazing beaches. The island is characterized by a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that makes it a popular destination among families and

Welcome to Sifnos and to Maria Studios. Here, in Cherronisos, the seaside settlement in the northernmost part of Sifnos, you will enjoy the beauty of our accommodation and spend the ideal holidays. Every time we decide to go on vacation, we have the need to relax and feel like we are at home, something that you will feel as soon as you visit our accommodation. For the last 30 years, since 1995, our family business generously distributes the characteristic Sifnian hospitality to tourists from all over the world, creating the necessary conditions to feel the island warmth and feel that they are in a family environment.


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